A business hotel was renovated into a trendy local hotel
that transmits the tradition and culture of Kanazawa.
There are many places to stay in Kanazawa, but from the viewpoint of” enjoying the town”,
our staff ‘s local knowledge of this amazing city can’ t be beat.


#How did I meet HOTEL PACIFIC


A furniture store owner who was a mentor of mine contacted me about a hotel that had management problems. He was looking for someone who could take over. I told him would ask around.

Honestly speaking, I had been interested in hotel management for a bit before hearing about this opportunity. I do like traveling and hotels, but I needed some time to think about it. Over the next few days I asked myself if I could run a hotel. We do not want to lose the history of the old hotel, but we do want to create a new future that not only the locals love but also tourists. There was no end to all the thing, that needed to be done but I was excited. In the end I decided to pursue the dream of managing at a hotel. Once decided I started tackling problems quickly.

My first step was to assemble a team to help me. Since I and my team had no experience in hotel management I had to rely heavily on the intuition and business skills of our team. We were full of confidence, but it was like trying to find our wad in a dark room.


Without the staff, architect, web designer, lighting designer, furniture craftsmen, and more we wouldn’t have been able to open this hotel. With the help of my friends I was able to find my way throughout that dark room and opened this hotel and I was very happy. We want to remember the passion and the emotions we had when we opened this hotel.

Travelers visiting a strange city filled with wonder will hopefully find our hotel full of warmth and hospitality. We want to be a highlight of your trip.

Mark Ink. CEO Masakatsu Yonebayashi